Celebrating Over 40 Years!

There’s No Place Like Home

Providing Homecare Services in the Boston & Surrounding Areas for over 40 Years!


Family Owned & Operated Since 1978

Mission Statement

Our mission has always been to create an environment where independence, dignity, and comfort prevail.

Over 40 years ago, through her work as a social worker and her passion for elder care, Ann Peck saw an unmet need for supportive services that would enable elders to age in a comfortable and private environment: their own homes. In 1978, when Ann encountered this need, very few in-home service providers demonstrated passion for superior care that Ann knew was possible outside of an institutional setting.  For this reason, she decided the only way to fill the void would be to start her own home care agency, with a sincere commitment to the patients and families being served.  Personalized care that would allow for independent living, and a true quality of life, would be the philosophy of the business for years to come.

With devoted employees and a solid business model, Geriatric Resource Centre was launched.  For the past 40 years, GRC has employed the most talented and dedicated home health aides, and has treated them with the utmost dignity and respect for the incredible work that they’ve done and continue to do today.  While many home care agencies are part of national franchises, GRC remains a family-owned and operated business. We believe that a small, family based company allows for personalized care to be the standard. Every senior we serve, and every caregiver we employ is treated like family, and that is what we believe makes GRC so special.  Geriatric Resource Centre is a trusted and unique brand, which will continue to provide the industry’s most sought-after care for elders in the privacy of their own homes.

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